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I was asked what it takes to be a part of the AFRICA RECORDS family.  I replied, "Those with talent, vision, determination, and ambition can succeed in this difficult, demanding, and highly competitive organization. " We understand that in order for you to realize your vision, you must be in an environment that stimulates you to reach your fullest potential.

Candidates should have a working knowledge of business and marketing even if they are being employed as an envelope stuffer. Lol But seriously, we encourage employees at all levels to continually develop and hone effective leadership skills, regardless of their level in our organization.

For those without experience or currently enrolled school, I suggest you look into our internship program. An internship is an excellent way to determine if the industry and the profession is the best career option to pursue. Interns not only gain practical work experience in a field that they intend to pursue but also build experience in international platforms.

We believe that cultivating a diverse and inclusive workplace that encourages employees to utilize their differences fosters innovation.


If you have any questions, feel free to send us a message or email us at :

((Coming Soon!)) For more information, to search all posted opportunities, or to create a career profile with us, please visit us at Good Luck!

Note to readers: To keep you informed on all organization activities is extremely imperative. we will be updating this current entry if changes or modifications needed to be made. We are doing this To minimize the number of blog entries our organization produces.

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