Happy New Year!



I would like to wish everyone a delightful and prosperous new year. Really I am a humble person but sometimes you wanna say ..."excuse me, excuse me, get out of our way…. what?.... You don't know who we are?.... Oh you soon will...Let me introduce myself cus we're kind of a big deal!" ;)  I'm not trying to be cocky when I say this…ok maybe smidgen. lol       

I am so thankful for everyone I have associated or networked with and everything I have done professionally. Who knew this little island gal would be to the point that I am today.  "Many small steps equal one big one. As long as your making moves that's all that matters." I still have TONS to learn and any tips of the trade that are out there I am always willing to listen.  Because with me, "Failure is not an option!"

I may not have an extensive resume with years and years of training or experience. I have admitted to being my own four leaf clover when it comes to business. My very first partnership, now sold, within the time range of 2005-2008 have over 10,000 IT service professionals nationwide.  What's Next? Much, Much, More! See, at the time, I didn't know much about business and marketing. I've talked about it more in Young Enterprise Magazine's first official issue launching late Jan 2008.  Hint, Hint… GET YOURSELF A COPY! We made the cover and I have been soooooooo excited! 

Here are my Thank You's…..

My family, my mentors, close circle of friends, and all of the people whom I have networked with.


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